professional horse and rider services

Reitstall Rempelkofen

our main sponsor on all tournaments

Equestrian and tournament clothing

Reitstall Rempelkofen

Pferdesport Neumeister Hof
everything for horse and rider

Equestrian and tournament sports, leather goods and saddlery

reitstall Rempelkofen

Helmut Plattner
our blacksmith in Rempelkofen

caring for all the horses feet!

Reitanlage Rempelkofen

only the best for our horses

Premium horse feed from Marstall contains all the power and biodiversity of nature.

Reitanlage Rempelkofen


the optimal special food for the food supplements

Health and fitness through nutrition
Your food should be your medicine (Hippocrates)

Reitanlage Rempelkofen

Clinic for animals - Schierling

fast, reliable and above all competent help